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Peer Reviewed Publications

Marble Surface

Is Populism Popular Abroad? Evidence from Diasporas around the Globewith R. Urbatsch. Party Politics, April 2022.

“Aversion to Far-Left Parties among Europeans Voting Abroad” with R. Urbatsch. Comparative European Politics, January 2021.
“Emigrants vs. Rural Politics: Cosmopolitan Outlooks and Electoral Opposition to Agrarian Parties” with R. Urbatsch. Journal of Rural Studies, May 2020.
“Go means Green: Diasporas’ Affinity for Ecological Groups” with R. Urbatsch. Global Environmental Politics, November 2019.
“European Ruling Parties’ Electoral Strategies and Diaspora Enfranchisement Policies” with R. Urbatsch. European Journal of Political Research, October 2019.
"Reactive Limits to Diaspora Enfranchisement Policies: A Conceptual
Categorization”. Diaspora Studies, 11:1 January 2018.
"Diffusion of Diaspora Enfranchisement Practices: A Multinational Study" with R. Urbatsch. Comparative Political Studies, 48: 407-437, August 2015.

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