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My Roots

Marble Surface

Transylvania, Romania

My native city is part of the province of Transylvania, and is right in the middle of Romania. It was founded by Teutonic Knights in 1211, but archeological artefacts show that this region was inhabited as early as the Iron Age. Today it is one of the country's largest cities and most beloved tourist destinations. I left it after finishing high school, when I emigrated to the United States.

Marble Surface

In spite of my last name (Turcu means "Turk" in Romanian), genetic testing revealed I sadly do not have any roots in Turkey. Most of my 99%  European heritage comes from Greece and Italy. (My Greek and Italian ancestors moved to what is Romania today, about 200-250 years ago.) The tiny rest of my heritage is pegged as Japanese, which I find utterly fascinating, as Japan is my favorite country in the world. (Even if I am aware this estimate is sadly well within the margin of error of genetic tests.)


This is me, in Athens, Greece, many years ago, before I had any idea of my Greek heritage. I thought I was just visiting, but in fact I was discovering what had been my ancestors' home for hundreds of years.

Deeper Roots

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